Elite House

Focus in luxury residential, retail, commercial interior design & management

Founded during the new millennium, Elite House prides itself on fresh invocative design. Our experienced team offers new and exciting concepts that have won worldwide acclaim.

Our Interior Design services combine creativity, passion, research and expertise to deliver breathtaking spaces.

Centro's methodical well-ordered approach has enabled us to exceed demands. We strive for greater creativity and deliver each project to world class standard.

Our Services:
  • Conceptual interior design and space planning consultancy
  • Construction and project management
  • Liaise with specialist agents and merchants
  • Optimized “follow-up” service
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Elite House

How we work


Everything begins with the initial consultation offered by our designers.

Concept Creation

During this stage, our designers create the concept of your interior.

3D Modeling

To demonstrate how the result will look like, we use detailed 3D modeling.

Interior Remodeling

During this stage, we work to transform your interior according to the project.