Centro Showroom in Hong Kong

Use of advantages environment, interior design to create the highest for every detail, from conceptual design to material selection. Just wanted to create a comfortable and harmonions living environment.

Project Details

Location : 163 Hennessy Road

Size : 165 sq.m.

Project Leader : Kit Leung, Wai Kit

Design Team : Timothy Lam, McQueen Kung, Shan Chung

Main Contractors : Select Plus Design & Construction Limited

Design Elements

Design Elements
Space of the shop

In the advantages of the ceiling, almost double height, it benefits the design


Adding natural elements into the shop by Art Drawing - Zlism


Soild eco-wood comabination with Rough twine


Our design is to integrate natural elements into people's lives. Our everday lives changes with the surrounding environment accordingly, and "home" should be the most peaceful and comfortable place for us. We have combined abstract elements and scenes of the nature in the mural, with the accentuation of the dark background and white lines, we hope to bring out a modern and fashionable representation to the audience. Using simple sketches in the drawings allows the mural to be more harmonized, which allows it to blend into the design of the "home" we are creating.

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