Bringing a client's vision to life takes good planning and diligent execution...

Centrocasa Global OEM furniture production offers customers to work closely as partners. Combining inspiring design concepts and functionality, our dedicated production team provide the best talent and expertise within the industry. We are extremely happy to work with new designers engaging our integrated services from early development to final logistics. With specific goals and state-of-the art equipment, we are capable of entering into the most demanding projects. To date we have accomplished over 3,000 OEM solutions for businesses worldwide.

7 steps to successful OEM production

1. We are here to turn your vision into reality

Every day we come across clients with new ideas and work together to turn these concepts into successful products. Once we have ascertained a client's brief, our team will correspond with a strategic plan. Our in-depth planning expertise save clients from making improper decisions that can amount to vast amounts of money to correct.

2. Create inspiring visual solutions

In collaboration with client's needs, (whether supplied artwork or a vague concept) we strive to create sophisticated and inspiring design solutions. While maintaining the utmost attention to detail, our extensive experience across a variety of commercial sectors have given us a unique perspective. It enables us to translate project ideas into individual concepts and generate a range of proposals.

3. Materials selection

The furniture production process begins with preparation of the right materials and finishing options. Our wide range of premium quality materials include veneer, melamine, paint, fabric, leather, PU, authentic marble and marble-effect counter top etc. Our experience and manufacturing expertise provide innovative high-quality services that help clients reduce costs, optimize efficiencies and shorten lead times.

4. 3D drawings

3D drawings improve efficiency and accuracy in helping the designer and client visualize space requirements. The advanced visualization allows designers to evaluate different ideas and identify potential design problems. Optimizing the manufacturing process with a realistic view of the finished product, 3D drawings also provide location options for furniture and surface material.

5. Sales quote

We understand budgets are crucial… but with proper planning and thorough understanding of a project, our quotation system is empowered to select package options to suit client needs.

6. Prototype

Once the design and construction criteria are finalized, we discuss the phases of prototyping. To allow design changes as well as saving time and money, these phases determine the suitability of furniture and materials before the manufacturing process begins. By applying a standardized prototyping methodology, we ensure tangible results are consistent with client needs.

7. Approval sample

Upon approval, the product sample can be considered ready for manufacture. To date we have accomplished over 3,000 OEM solutions for businesses worldwide. Our company's success is built on commitment and unparalleled client service and support.