In pursuit of quality for over 25 years, CENTRO has expanded its customer base, strategic partners and target markets. The latest developments in show flats and hotel furniture have also been added to our portfolio. In the international development area, we are diversifying our focus on tender quotations for the residential and hospitality markets.

CENTRO's transformation opens new opportunities for the furniture industry. Combining inspiring design concepts and functionality, our dedicated production teams provide the best talent and expertise within the industry. Having accomplished thousands of one-stop solutions for businesses worldwide, our company's success is built on commitment and unparalleled service and support.

Provide specification & detail
Tender quotation
Provide CAD and 3D drawing
Production & Shipping

Hotel Furniture

Our excellent reputation has enabled us to work with overseas hotels. Clients are drawn to modern chic designs that make them feel warm and welcome. We are the exclusive supplier for a wide spectrum of business partners. Our support structure provides detailed initial planning, customized styles and mockups, manufacturing and delivery to your door.

Residential Suite

With ever growing demands of overseas property developers, we identify and fulfil development’s properties aesthetic requirements and adding to its overall value. Simultaneously and to meet budget deadlines, Centrocasa Global’s stringent design and space planning ensures bespoke furniture requirements fit seamlessly into the structure.

Residential – Kitchen

Every kitchen design that we undertake is unique and as such our services are always adaptable to the needs of the client. From spatial planning, to implementation of smart electric home appliances and all essential amenities, we pride ourselves on creating the exquisite project inspired by our client’s vision.