Who we are

With over twenty five years' experience and resources devoted to residential and commercial projects, CENTRO has become Hong Kong's leading furniture brand. While our factory busily adapts to the changing world, CENTRO expands its retail footprint across Hong Kong and China. Priding ourselves on superior product quality interior design and decor, CENTRO is committed to superb functionalities and aesthetics. Our aim is to create stunning customer appeal! CENTRO's superior products are expected all over the world. Together with an excellent design team, our business expands to bring CENTRO to everyone.

Why Endorse US?

Based in Hong Kong

We pride ourselves on establishing long standing reputation for excellence in domestic sales and exports. Delivering exceptional experiences and are committed to exceed customer expectations.

Furniture Manufacturing

We pride ourselves on practical details, design disciplines to realize strategic goals. Our streamlined processes, the efficient use of technology, accredited quality control systems have played a crucial role in providing the world class service.

Furniture design

Our ambition is to create furniture that makes a difference to people. At the heart of our enthusiasm is to curate unrivaled experiences and quality that places accessible design in reach for everyday life.

Interior design

In collaboration with traditional artisans and technology, we strive to create inspiring stylish design and project management from boutique resorts to sophisticated homes. We are committed to the development of sustainable affordable solutions where inspiration is no longer an impractical concept.

Retail network

Showcasing the best of Centro's furniture and decorating ideas, featuring the most noteworthy design objects and inspiring spaces throughout the year.